Language Blogs

All Our Words
A blog about changing or new words, usage and pronunciation. Also amusing signs, notices or speech.

Arnold Zwicky’s Blog
A blog mostly about language

Bridging the Unbridgeable
All about usage guides

David Crystal’s Blog

English Language and Usage
The Stack Exchange Q and A site

The Matter of Words

The language blog of ‘The Economist’, included in the Prospero blog

Jonathon Green
Compiler of Green’s Dictionary of Slang and Chambers Slang Dictionary

Wide-ranging language blog

Language Log
A language blog by a team of professional linguists

A blog about language and languages, and about Lavengro Books for learners and teachers of English

Lingua Franca
Blog by several linguists, mostly American, but  including Geoffrey Pullum.

Linguistic Pulse
Analyzing the circulation of discourse in society

Motivated Grammar
A grammar blog by a computational psycholinguist

Pain in the English
Encourages discussions of gray areas of the English language

Random Idea English
Aimed mainly at advanced students of English as a foreign / second language

Separated by a Common Language
Observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK

Words, words, words

Sentence First
An Irishman’s Blog about the English Language

Shady Characters
The Secret Life of Punctuation

Strong Language
A sweary blog about swearing

A lexicon for the 21st century

Fascinating, fun, and challenging things about the English language

You Don’t Say
Veteran drudge John E. McIntyre writes about language, usage, journalism & arbitrarily chosen subjects.

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